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After 70 years of delivering dependable equipment throughout the agriculture industry, ChoreTime was in a rut of its own. Farmers could depend on the equipment, but ChoreTime couldn’t depend on itself to identify and praise the merits of why someone would choose to do business with them.

Like many companies, it had entered a cycle of saying the brand was a quality brand without really defining out what that meant to the customer.

Wilderness Agency worked with ChoreTime to strip down the buzzwords and sales speak and get to the core of the actual value the company offers to its core customers. Farmers don’t buy ChoreTime because its equipment is “quality,” they buy Chore-Time, because they can count on it to not break. They buy into the company for the peace of mind.

ChoreTime’s customers look to it to be the expert in the space–a thought leader in a mature industry.

Wilderness Agency delivered fresh designs with clear messaging and iconography for trade shows, presentations, and advertisements that captured the brand’s true value and conveyed it to the audience in a clear and concise way.

By redefining how ChoreTime viewed sales and strategy, Wilderness helped to break the company out of product-based selling and start to guide marketing and sales based on purpose and actual value, crafting a message that resonates and ultimately, creating a bigger impact for customers.

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