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Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County (PHDMC) specializes in educating and treating Montgomery County, OH citizens, providing information for them to make healthier choices for a better life.

To further their mission, PHDMC sought to expand the message and reach of the EveryOne Reach One Maternal & Infant Vitality Task Force. This task force was established in 2017 with the goal of reducing the infant mortality rate in Montgomery County. To achieve this goal, the task force aims to:

  • Reduce preterm births
  • Reduce substance misuse in pregnant women and mothers of infants
  • Weave social determinants of health into all strategies to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in infant mortality

They knew they needed to reach more members of the public in underserved communities through a multichannel approach of support and resource awareness.

The core demographic they were looking to connect with were pregnant women in the community with fewer resources, lower-income, and overall less support. The information needed to be accessible and easy to understand for every demographic they were trying to reach. The challenge Wilderness Agency faced was delivering a fresh and compelling message to engage these new families, helping to ensure every baby was born with a chance for a long, healthy life.

Research was a key component to all of the information that was to follow. The team looked at the best practices of many other programs in the state, and some national messaging, to ensure that the message was clear and compelling while being delivered to younger Black women, teens, and families. These populations emerged as groups with critical needs for accurate information.

“With the given budget and sheer volume of the audience we needed to be unapologetically targeting of our messaging. The problems are different based upon the racial and geographical division in our community.


In black neighborhoods, we see higher rates of preterm-birth, due in large part to reduced access to healthcare, food deserts, and inadequate education; meanwhile, in wealthier white neighborhoods, our research showed higher rates of fetal alcohol syndrome, resulting from ill advice of medical professionals, ie: ‘One glass of wine won’t hurt’.


These issues are both challenging and infuriating. While one campaign is unlikely to solve all of these issues that plague our community, I am confident that through our best efforts, we are beginning to right the wrongs of history, create better-educated mothers, and ultimately a stronger community for all.”

+Richard Kaiser

Members of Wilderness Agency also attended CenteringPregnancy groups to listen and speak with the women who attended, as well as the nurses who ran the program. Our team members also held focus groups to speak with women in the community to hear first-hand the challenges that pregnant women and new mothers face.

Wilderness Agency developed a marketing strategy that delivered the information through multiple channels, taking into account the various ways people access information. The information designed to assist women navigating their way through a healthy pregnancy is delivered through emails, text messages, a website, and a notebook they can obtain from the task force directly, or from their healthcare professional. Digital ads were also placed on Google and social media platforms to be seen by families in certain zip codes, to lead them to landing pages where they can sign up for weekly emails and texts, and also to lead them to the website where they can learn information about pregnancy and the many resources available to them.

Through research and focusing on the people that needed the information, Wilderness Agency ensured that it was accessible for everyone that wanted it. The messages stayed consistent in every channel, so nothing is lost based on how people choose to engage.

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